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Posted: Wed Oct 11, 2006 11:34 am Reply with quote
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Since we're an invite-only team, you will have to try to catch our eye, rather then just posting a request here. Below are some points we think are important for team members. Read if you like, and do whatever you want with it Smile

Generally spoken:
1. be fast
2. be active (a. both with racing and b. with the team)
3. be cool

So how to show the above?
1. LFSW laptimes & hotlaps + join racers of F1RST in their online races (you can spot them on the front page) plus the leagues you have driven etc. Some of the information you might wanna provide yourself, like the latter mentioned leagues.

2a. Drive a lot so we have actual and current information to see whether you meet our standards with regards to speed and activity (note that there is no clear line here - it's a team decision).

2b. Join irc (#1ST|Racing on GameSurge) and participate in the talking. No whining about "when are you gonna let me join you". Someone, most likely RvdKooij or Appie, will contact you (not the other way around) for some further talking if we're interested.

3. Act normal towards people both during racing and during communication (on for example IRC) and both inside and outside the team. It's ok to be a bit crazy ("heck, they name me the teamclown myself" - Appie), but not in an insulting manner. We are proud of our team and we will not allow anyone to join us who would not justify our good name.

If we think you're an option you'll get a try out and the chance to join team practise sessions. Again, the decision to let you be part of the team is an overall team decision and based on the facts proved through the points 1-3.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you around! Cool

1ST Racing
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