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LFS Community Year-End Awards; the results!

02-01-2008 - The year-end awards competition, organised and executed by community members, has turned out to be a great success for F1RST Racing! With nominations in 6 categories, amongst which team, ánd driver of the year, and several honorable mentions in various categories, the competition was a success before the official voting had even started. Little did we know that we would win 5 of the 6 categories we were nominated in!! Read on for more about the big winner of the 2007 awards competition!

Under the official name "LFS Community Year-End Awards 2007" a voting competition was started on the official LFS forum to let the community judge about who were the winners of the year 2007. As mentioned above, F1RST Racing was well represented in the various categories...

The whole team got nominated for "Team of the year (best all-round)" and "Best team website" and also a couple of our members were nominated for some of the individual categories:
- Our latest addition to the team Jesse Nieminen for "Most improved driver" of the year.
- The fast and friendly Christian Krognes for "Most sportsmanlike driver" of the year.
- The incredibly talented Teemu Vedenoja for "Driver of the year" and "Most talented skinner" of the year.

Competitors in the category Team of the year (best all round) were Mercury Racing Team, CoRe Racing, Zwarte Wind Racing and UK Computing Team. At first sight a shear impossible mission, but a couple of days into the voting procedure, it was clear that it would be a close finish between us and Mercury. In the end we took the win with 36,34% of the votes, against 33.54% for Mercury! Getting this award from the hands of the community itself is a highlight in the almost three years of existence of the team!

In the category "Best team website" it was again Mercury that was our main competitor. But very soon in the voting procedure it was quite clear that we were going to bring this award to our webspace! In the end we had collected a massive 63,03% of the votes! This award is dedicated to Casper Roescher who is the designer and inventer of the website, so congratulations Casper! Good to see hard work doesn't go unnoticed!

Jesse Nieminen's competitors for the "Most improved driver" award were Dustin Dawes from UKCT, and CR|Moose. For us as a team it was already clear that Jesse deserved this award more than anyone, looking at his extremely strong performance in his first (half-)year of LFS racing. The community confirmed this feeling and Jesse took the award with 43.51% of the votes! Congratulations Jesse!

The "Most sportsmanlike driver" was - ironically enough - one of the tightest fights of the awards. Christian Krognes' "friendly rivals" were Patrick Galaske from My3id Gaming, Dave Pope and Richard Torp from Triple 7 Racing and Storm from R4R. If it was for us, Chris deserved this award like no one else in the community, but we know his competitors as very friendly and sportsmanlike too, so we expected it to be a close call. In the end Chris took it away with 27.08% of the votes, making him the Most sportsmanlike driver of 2007! A great achievement, especially since his sportsmanship is combined with incredible speed.. a fairly unique combination of skills! Congratulations Chris!

For the title "Most talented skinner" Teemu Vedenoja was in a league on his own. Teemu is the designer of our and many other team skins, and on top of that releases top-class public skins for the community, for free and on an almost daily basis. This award - which he won with a loud and clear 66.77% of the votes - is therefore more than deserved. Congratulations Teemu!

In the category Driver of the year (best all round) Teemu was put up against the virtually unbeatable Raymond Mooney from Mercury Racing Team, Nils Naujoks from SK Gaming and IRT Andy(Ger). As most of us had expected Raymond Mooney took the trophy. Teemu ended in fourth position, yet we are very proud of his achievements in especially the CTRA league and servers! Congratulations Teemu!

So all in all I think we can speak of an extremely successful 2007 for F1RST Racing!
We would like to thank everyone that voted for us! It's just incredibly flattering to see the amount of support we've had! We wish you all a great, sportsmanlike and successful 2008!

Falcons Fly in iRacing.com Pro Series

01-06-2010 - via inracingnews.com - With a new season in the iRacing.com Pro Series Road Racing (iPSRR) underway featuring the brand-new Ford Falcon V8, three sim racers sit atop of the standings table following the opening week of online racing from Sebring International Raceway. Jesse Nieminen, Klaus Kivekas and Max Dell'Orco each collected 259 points from their victories in the first week of 2010 Season Two.

F1RST Racing seeks new challenge -iRacing-

04-05-2010 - After 5 succesful years in Live for Speed it's time for a new challenge. We have decided to spread our wings and start our engines in iRacing to burn some rubber. We have high ambitions and are aiming to compete on the highest level.

F1RST Racing turns 5 years old

08-04-2010 - One week ago, F1RST Racing turned 5 years old as another extremely successful year has passed; we became the Masters of Endurance GT1 champions for the second time in a row, won our third out of three "Team of the year" awards and finally added the long-awaited first place trophy for the 24 hour race to our prize cabinet.

Patrick Kubinji wins his second City-Liga title!

22-12-2009 - After his first title in the eighth CityLiga season in 2008, Patrick Kubinji is now the first to be crowned CityLiga championship twice! After 10 rounds on various car and track combinations, Patrick has showed the most skills, adeptation, consistency and speed of more than 60 participants, to win CityLiga X!

F1RST Racing's new year

18-11-2009 - 2009 was a year of new challenges for F1RST Racing. For the first time in our history we are defending a championship title in the Masters of Endurance series, and changes in the staffing have effected in a neccessary change of approach. Now with the snow already falling on our website, and 2010 approaching fast, we would like to inform you about what happened behind the scenes and about our plans for the year to come!

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