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Back-to-back Masters of Endurance champions!

17-02-2010 - With the fourth win in a row in round 5 (out of 6), F1RST Racing is the first team in the history of the Masters of Endurance to prolongate a championship title! Congratulations to everyone involved in this massive achievement!!...

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Winners of the 24h of Aston GP!

18-01-2010 - After 24 hours of hard racing, F1RST Racing crossed the line first, to take their first ever 24 hour race win! With a very unlucky My3id Gaming finishing third, we are now leading the championship with a comfortable 30 points gap!

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LFS Community Year-End Awards; the results!

02-01-2008 - The year-end awards competition, organised and executed by community members, has turned out to be a great success for F1RST Racing! With nominations in 6 categories, amongst which team, ánd driver of the year, and several honorable mentions in various categories, the competition was a success before the official voting had even started. Little did we know that we would win 5 of the 6 categories we were nominated in!! Read on for more about the big winner of the 2007 awards competition!

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Eiw : hey guys.. its 2021 now,
Thomm : F1rst love of 2020
Rudy : Bumppppp! 0////
Rocabiliz : You're better off giving Assetto Corsa a try at this moment. There are already quite a few leagues and lots of people from LFS Smile
kaspur : Waiting for Hendrik to rise from the ashes :p On simracing: very unlikely
fapex : pre-ordered project CARS and thinking about buying a new gaming PC. Simracing may get me back, sup with you guys?
fapex : on my hdd Very Happy
Rocabiliz : Years indeed Very Happy I've been looking for new sims, I think Assetto Corsa is coming out, made we can make a comeback as a team? Wink
Eiw : hi!!! been years
Eiw : hi!!! been years
RvdKooij : Where? ;p
fapex : Found all the Videos from the 2008 Team Meeting Razz
Rocabiliz : o/
Rudy : o haaaaai!
Rocabiliz : So far away Sad
fapex : Haha Smile What about a meeting at one of the next VLN races at the Nordschleife? Or some Kart driving somewhere, i´m pretty active in indoor karting since 2009.... fun fun fun Smile
RvdKooij : Haha there was a heart after my post too Sad Very Happy
Rocabiliz : :heart: Very Happy
Thomm : that should be a heart to show my love Sad
Thomm :
RvdKooij : Fappy!
Rocabiliz : Almost everyday I check this to see if someone posts again Very Happy HI FAPEX
fapex : Where r zeh guys? Missing racing with u Smile
RvdKooij : Very HappyVery Happy
Rocabiliz : We've just been silently waiting for S3! Should be out soon!!!
RvdKooij : and kicking.
Texas : Is this place alive?
Rocabiliz : woof!
RvdKooij : Meoow!
Rudy : EUH!
kaspur : burp
Eiw : Sad
kart-36 : Not too long until the next thing in the event list... Very HappyVery Happy
kaspur : whooptiewhoop !
RvdKooij : me too
RvdKooij : me too
Eiw : really like the event calendar
Eiw : really like the event calendar
Eiw : anybody here Very Happy lovebxo
RvdKooij : WOOOOOAAAHHH!! Now that's awesome Jesse, f*cking nice! Congrats!!
RamboJorGen : http://www.iracing.com/inracingnews/iracing-news/newcomer-nieminen-draws-first-iwcsrr-blood/ winrar o/
Appie : Very Happy
RvdKooij : Very Happy
kaspur : Happy 1st of February all ! o/
RvdKooij : Happy new year everyone!
kart-36 : Happy new year! Smile
kart-36 : Little late, but hope you guys had a great xmas Smile
Eiw : merry christmas.. Very Happy it snows again...
M4ver1ck : Merry Christmas! Smile
Texas : Merry X-Mas F1RSTies Very Happy Smile
Rockin your socks of…kaspur
Rockin your socks of…TeazR
New Patch (Z30)Rocabiliz
New Patch (Z30)kart-36
New Patch (Z30)Thomm

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