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BlackwoodSouth CityFern BayKyoto RingWesthillAston
XF GTI - South City
1.A. Roque50%38
2.L. de Wit58%17
3.R. vd Kooij33%16
4.M. Lehnert33%12
5.H. Piiriste17%11
6.B. Bouma17%11
7.P. Mäekivi33%8
8.A. Terrahe25%6
9.C. Roescher8%4
10.D. Ratcliffe8%3
Last full update: April 22nd, 2021 at 05:26h

Points System

- One point for every entry in the track configuration and reverse configuration charts
- One point for every team member you beat in the track configuration and reverse configuration charts
- RankPoints = ( TotalPoints + ( TotalPoints * Progress )

Bonus points
- Bonus point for leading a track configuration chart
- Bonus points for having done all configurations of that environment ( Total Configurations / 2 )
1.B. Bouma00:57.79866
2.R. vd Kooij00:57.903494
3.P. Mäekivi00:57.962343
#DriverLap timeLapsPoints
4M. Lehnert00:58.02892
5L. de Wit00:58.21201

No times yet...

1.H. Piiriste00:46.361765
2.A. Roque00:46.42573
3.A. Terrahe00:46.80632
#DriverLap timeLapsPoints
4P. Mäekivi00:46.86591

1.D. Ratcliffe02:06.18163
2.L. de Wit02:06.64221

1.A. Roque01:41.27684
2.R. vd Kooij01:41.981542
3.P. Mäekivi01:42.12881

1.A. Roque01:23.431787
2.R. vd Kooij01:24.27485
3.H. Piiriste01:24.33144
#DriverLap timeLapsPoints
4L. de Wit01:24.381113
5M. Lehnert01:24.43302
6P. Mäekivi01:24.9471

1.C. Roescher00:58.491744
2.L. de Wit00:58.741772
3.A. Terrahe00:58.762381

1.L. de Wit01:05.67212

1.A. Roque00:47.24172

1.M. Lehnert02:08.8433
2.L. de Wit02:11.1161

1.A. Roque01:42.071875
2.B. Bouma01:42.561063
3.A. Terrahe01:42.621072
#DriverLap timeLapsPoints
4R. vd Kooij01:42.92511

1.A. Roque01:23.66134
2.M. Lehnert01:24.48162
3.L. de Wit01:24.93311


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